Bringing Blockchain and Trucking Together

With Blockchain services, you don’t just get efficiency and speed, but also transparency across the board. Eliminate payments fees, and create a more transparent operation by choosing easy payments for trucking with Synergy token.

Synergy Eliminates Carrier Fraud And Identifies Providers

Synergy decentralized security combines DOT and MC numbers with NFT’S and places carriers’ ID on the blockchain. Only the owner/employees of the company will be able to book or post loads with his/her NFT. This will eliminate fraud and double brokering in our ecosystem.

No more waiting a week for the payment to process. At Synergy we believe your employees should get every penny they earned, not tomorrow, but right now! All it takes is a click and your employees will have their hard-earned salaries in the palm of their hands in a few minutes.

Synergy’s Blockchain Services Boost Operations Efficiency and Employee Satisfaction!

At Synergy we outfit your operations with Blockchain to solve the many problems that trucking companies face today. Blockchain holds the answer to efficiency, transparency, employee satisfaction, speed, and security.

Synergy Token Streamlines Payments For Owner-Operators

As important as paying your employees on time, it’s important to pay them in full. Processing payments often knocks off 3-4% in fees and so your trucking employees’ pockets end up lighter.

Well, no more! With the power of Blockchain, you and your drivers won’t have to lose out at all. Factor all bills for as low as 1%! With the power of crypto, it’s possible to save thousands every year.

Paying your drivers with Synergy Pay is instant and effortless. Pay an endless number of drivers and employees with a click of a button and instantly with no limits. User to user transactions with ZERO transaction fees.

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Everything is Above Board with Synergy Blockchain

Blockchain doesn’t just speed up payments. With Blockchain, you can make it so that operations are transparent, and everything is above board.

With Synergy Blockchain, you can place all the Bills of Lending (BOLs) on a shared, decentralized ledger for shippers, receivers and transporters see in real time. That way, all transactions are documented, and the proof for every single delivery is secure and available for any situation.

Factoring your documents is fast and secured on the Synergy blockchain. Each time you submit your documents to be factored, you sign for the transaction on the blockchain using your NFT ID and authorize the contract to proceed. Your paid in seconds without errors and without wait times. Each transaction hash is recorded and documented on the blockchain and transparent for admins and clients for your company.

Resolve Payment Disputes Faster with Synergy’s Blockchain

Our Blockchain can even help you resolve payment disputes and free up frozen capital. With all the documentation on Blockchain, the proof is there for all to see. So, disputes and unfounded claims will become a thing of the past.

When you submit your bills, you get paid instantly. Conformation of bills is done with brokers or shippers account payables. If documents are missing pages or information, you will be able to update the current documents via Synergy app or on your PC using our cloud-based website. Meanwhile, your already paid and moving other loads. Time is money and we know how important it is to have your funds now without issues.

This will result in available capital for further investment and transactions.

Secure Your Operations With The Synergy Blockchain

One of the principal aspects of the Blockchain is its security. Each transaction is timestamped, and contains information about the transaction which came before it. Also, since Blockchain is a decentralized ledger, any data corrupted on one computer can be verified through hundreds of others.

Anyone trying to hack your Blockchain will have to change too many details and hack too many computers to be successful. Essentially, hacking a Blockchain is too resource intensive to work. That’s why your company’s logistics and trucking operations can benefit greatly from the security of Blockchain.

Credit Checking Your Brokers And Shippers with NFT’s

Knowing who to work with can be challenging and nerve-racking. With Synergy’s NFT ID, we are making doing business easy and safe. Each broker and shipper are assigned a unique NFT to their company on the Synergy blockchain. The NFT’s are used to Identify and store information on the blockchain about them such as days to pay and years in business, ownership details and a credit overall score.

Book loads with confidence and never worry about getting paid again.

With Synergy Token you can process payments faster and make your operations more transparent across the board.

Blockchain technology has the potential to facilitate all domestic and international trucking operations without the use of paper documentation.